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Coolead Q-Box Coolead M8S Matricom G-Box Q
Amazon reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars
Android version Lollipop 5.1 Kitkat 4.4 Lollipop 5
Processor Quad Core S905 2 GHz Quad Core Amlogic S812 1.5 GHz Quad Core Amlogic S805
Internal Storage 16GB 8GB 16GB
XBMC / Kodi installed Yes Yes Yes
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NVIDIA Shield MINIX Neo X8-H Plus Stoga Umin SVJ002
Amazon reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.3 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars
Android Android TV Lollipop 5.1.1 Lollipop 5.1
Processor NVIDIA Tegra X1 with 256-core Maxwell GPU Quad-Core Cortex A53 Processor Rockchip 3368 64Bit Octa Core 28nm 1.5GHZ
Internal Storage 16GB 16GB 8GB
XBMC / Kodi installed Yes Yes Yes
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Coolead Q-Box: Smart Android TV Box with KODI (XBMC) fully loaded | 4K ready

Best Value

Coolead Q-Box it’s an awesome product, comes with the best kodi addons already installed, supports 4K resolutions, has Bluetooth and it’s not expensive at all.

The combination of a QUAD CORE CPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD storage and the recent Android 5.1 OS turns your TV in a super TV.
You can download hundreds of apps, add-ons, games and watch many recent films, tv series, tv channels, etc for free and in HD / Full-HD directly in your TV.

If you are looking for a good Android TV Box that gives you all you need for the best value, you can buy it with your eyes closed.

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This is the Kodi Box that I use at home. It looks cool, it’s very light and it fits in the tiniest places.

Led: The futuristic led around the box changes the colours from blue to aqua and green automatically by default. You can disable the led or choose your favourite colour: In your remote control, you will find a button called “led”, if you press it once, it will change the colour and keep that colour, if you click again it will change to the next colour, if you click one more time it will disable the led. Note that this can’t be done with Kodi opened.

Dual-band 2.4G +5G WiFi and Ethernet Connection

Dual channel band means that it can connect to 5GHz and 2.4Ghz WIFI bands, to avoid crowding. Dual band TV Boxes can connect to either of the two bands, but single band TV Boxes only connects to 2.4Ghz band. The same applies to smartphones and laptops.

Bluetooth Enabled

This OTT TV Box supports Bluetooth connections which means you can use for example Bluetooth headsets for Skype, keyboards and sound-bars can all be connected to the Coolead Q-Box through the inbuilt Bluetooth.

Good Specs

For this price you wouldn’t expect specs like this:

– High media performance Quad Core S905 CPU paired with the powerful Mali-450, 5-Core GPU, 3D GPU Graphics Processor
– 2GB RAM (DDR3)
– 16GB Internal Storage
– Android 5.1 Lollipop OS
– Built-in KODI(XBMC) and fully loaded with the best kodi add-ons

FREE Wireless Mini Keyboard

Normally these tv boxes comes with a normal tv box remote, but without a keyboard you can’t easily search an add-on, surf in internet or play a Android game in your TV.

The COOLEAD Q-Box comes with a mini wireless keyboard INCLUDED that works very well. Simply plug the USB dongle into the back of your Android box and no more headaches trying to type letters in a normal remote.

Coolead Q-Box Package Include:

– Coolead Q-Box Smart Android TV Box (OTT TV Box)
– FREE Wireless Mini Keyboard
– Remote control
– HDMI cable
– UK 3 pin power supply
– User manual

Where to buy

We always recommend amazon because it’s safe, the delivery is FREE and fast, and for this box is usually 41% cheaper!

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Matricom G-Box Q – Quad/Octo Core XBMC/Kodi Android TV Box – 2GB / 16GB / 4K

Matricom G Box Q android tv box droidplayer

G-Box Q by Matricom it’s a quite new revolution on Android TV Boxes. The user ratings are 4.3 of 5 stars and it’s already a bestseller on amazon.

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Why is this so speacial? Because of their High Specs:

8x (Octocore) 3D Graphics

This Octocore gives you an unquestionable performance for video and gaming.
G-Box Q delivers 4K Ultra HD resolutions without lag thanks to the powerful Mali-450 Octocore CPU. You can absolutely trust this pretty box to run your favourites Android 3D games, 4K Ultra HD movies or stream your TV shows for free, the G-Box Q won’t disappoint you.

4K Ultra-HD

The G-Box is ready for the future of High Definition. When you’re ready to take the step to ultra definition experience you’ll be happy to know that your XBMC Box is more than ready to give you the best experience without breaking a sweat.

High Speed 5G Wi-Fi

This means Ultra High Resolution (UHD) calls for Ultra High Speed Wifi performance. G-Box Q already integrates 5G Wi-Fi chipset to push the transmission of data required for 4K video streaming.

G-Box Media Center

The G-Box Media Center is based on Android Kodi technology which allows it to outperform all other set-top TV Boxes on the market.

Kodi is very famous for having hundreds of cool add-ons to watch TV, movies, tv shows, etc, for free on demand in High Resolution. G-Box is also unique for having a media center 100% compatible with Kodi and XBMC.


G-Box Q is covered unconditionally for 1 year direct from Matricom.

Where to buy:

We always recommend amazon because it’s safe, the delivery is fast, you can return the product and get a refund and it’s about 60% cheaper.
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Amlogic s802 Quad Core CPU
Octocore Mali-450 3D GPU
16GB Flash Storage
4.4.2 Kit Kat
Two (2) USB 2.0
10/100 Full Duplex Port
Broadcom 5G 802.11 Dual Band
Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power, full speed

Droidplayer Android TV Box Kodi (XBMC) HD Streaming Media Player by Sunwire

droidplayer android tv box xbmc kodi

This Droidplayer is an Android TV Box made by Sunwire, it’s the most famous XBMC Kodi box. It has hundreds of reviews on amazon and an average of 4 of 5 stars, which is excellent for the amount of user reviews.

This Droidplayer runs Android 4.4 Kitkat, transforming your TV in an Android smartTV.

The price of this tv box really worth every pence because with a XBMC / Kodi Full HD 1080p Media player you can stream and play Movies (adult content as well), TV Shows (supports subtitles), Sports, etc. with HD quality from the internet for FREE without a laptop / mobile or TV Service. Streaming and downloading music in XBMC is another feature.

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Connection Steps:

Droidplayer Android TV Box by Sunwire connects straight to your television and to your internet provider through your home network. You just need to plug it in, add to network and enjoy!

Download some cool XBMC Kodi apps or select the shows and movies you wish to watch, at any time when you want them!

Performance & User Interface:

This little box has a powerful Quad Core Processor that will allow you to run HD content without lag. Take a look on this youtube video to see how it performs and how it looks.

No TV bills

With a XBMC droidplayer tv box you don’t need to pay cable subscriptions, satellite bills or Netflix bills for outdated content. An Android TV box can give you the last movies, tv shows, international tv channels, music, and much more available online in High definition. No monthly fees, no service fees, you just pay the price of the box.

Warranty and updates:

The DroidPlayer is produced by British electronics company Sunwire, who supplies a 1 year vast gadget warranty with lifetime help and updates. The same can not be said for a lot of other Android tv boxes.

What’s included:

droidplayer android tv box– DroidPlayer TV Box
– Power Adapter
– HDMI Cable
– UK Power Adapter
– Remote Control
– User Manual


– Amlogic A5 Quad Core Neon HD CPU
– Mali450 Quad Core High Performance 3D GPU
– 1GB RAM (DDR3)
– 8GB Total Internal Storage
– USB Storage Extendable (Flash Drives/HDD)
– SD Storage Extendable (Up to 32GB!)
– 802.11b/g/n internal Wifi
– HDMI v1.4 video output
– 10/100 Ethernet Port
– Coaxial SPDIF Digital Audio Output (Surround Sound)
– Composite Audio/Video Out
– 4x USB 2.0 Ports
– Android 4.4 Kit Kat installed
– Supports Wireless USB Keyboard/Mouse
– Google Play Store installed

Where to buy

We recommend amazon because it’s safe, the delivery is FREE and fast, and it’s usually 30% cheaper!
Buy from

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20 Responses

  1. ArturK says:

    After I read this article I bought Matricom G-Box Q Android TV Box. It look like the best droidplayer. It has very nice reviews from amazon and I bought with a nice discount, thanks for the link!
    All the best for your blog!

  2. Daisy says:

    This is daisy from Topleo, we are one of leading factory for TV BOX (MXQ, M8,MXIII,etc). As they are popular in Europe, I was wondering if you are going to sell them.

  3. Tony says:

    Are these easy to get up and running.

  4. daisy says:

    This is daisy from Topleo, we are factory for TV box( MXQ, M8,M8S, MX PRO, MXV,MXIII,etc)
    MXIII 1G 8G
    MXIII 2G 8G
    Include shipping to UK.

  5. Damon lennick says:

    Can i use this in spain and which English tv channels will I be able to pick up. Many thanks…

    • admin says:

      Yes you can use in any country with internet connection.
      You can pick up any TV Channel. It depends which addons do you install 🙂

  6. Gary says:

    I’ve set up and in the top left hand corner their is a 32 degree f n/a ? No kodi sign?

  7. Craig says:

    best kodi box uk -> MINIX Neo X8-H Plus . Love it so much!! Very good recommendations!!

  8. Orlando says:

    I bought the tonbux mxq , I’m very happy with that. Its very small, light and the wifi remote its fantastic. Thanks!!

  9. Elaine says:

    Which is the better TV box – MX PRO or M8S?

  10. csgo skins says:

    Thanks, this site is really handy

  11. Liz says:

    I have access to BT as yet uninstalled . The reception in Whitby Yorkshire is awful even freebies only gets 18 channels of TV .
    I want a box that is easy to use has everything on it ( techno fail writing this) and I plug in .
    I read it’s best to have a key pad and Kodi –
    Have you heard of mx pro or heva or would you recommend something more suitable?

  12. mark says:

    looking for tv box

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