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    Hi, Followed instructions to install Exodus with the pre-installed installer and installed Exodus but there is no exodus icon under Videos. There are other icons under rograms that i do not want how do i delete them? Many thanks, Chris

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    Hi Chris.
    The installed addons can be found in videos > Add-ons.

    If you want to create a shortcut to the addon under VIDEOS you can follow these instructions:

    1. Go to System in the main menu
      kodi system
    2. Select Appearance
      Kodi Appearance
    3. Select Skin > Settings
      Kodi Skin Settings
    4. Click in Add-on Shortcuts
      Kodi add-on shortcuts
    5. Select in which submenu you want to insert a shortcode and click in the space where you want to place your add-on.
      Kodi addon icon shortcut
    6. In the following screen choose the addon that you want to create the shortcut to. In this example I’m using Salts.
      Salts shortcut Kodi videos
    7. You will return to the previous screen and your addon will appear in the selected field.
      kodi shortcut list
    8. Return to your Home screen and you will see your addon icon under videos
      Addon icon shortcut kodi video addons


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    Hi Admin, (strange name lol), Many thanks for your help, works like a dream now, Thanks again! Chris

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