Slow Wi-Fi to stream

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    I am having problems streaming both TV shows and movies to my Android TV box.
    The fastest speed I get from the nearest exchange to my modem is 4.7Gbs, and via the Wi-Fi to my Android box is about 2Gbs.
    According to the specs outlined, the minimum is 2Mbs with 4Mbs, so why won’t mine work?
    I’m using an older Thomson Wi-Fi modem supplied by my service provider, so would upgrading my modem give me a faster download from the exchange? When my daughter WiFi’d the android box to her mobile (Approx 7Mbs) it worked fine.

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    Hi Geoff.

    Thats quite low speed broadband, I would recommend you something faster. I have virgin media 50MB fiber and it works VERY well.
    2MB speed its the minimum required to stream, but it depends the quality of the stream. You can try to stream a movie / serie in SD (medium quality) or TS / CAM (low quality) and see if you are able to stream it. With my internet connection I play 1080p HD streams without any problem.

    Another thing that you can try is to connect your box with the modem via ethernet cable, so you can get the most of the connection.

    Hope it helped.

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    Hi I got the got tv box with kodi but when trying to watch a movie or lags how do I fix that problem I have 60mb for internet speed

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