9 Best Apps for Android TV Box – Get the best smart TV experience

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  1. lattertree says:

    You can use allavsoft to download videos from ten.com.au or Channel Ten or TENPlay for offline access.

  2. Phil says:

    Hi there was wondering can you watch Eurosport’s for free on these boxes I was looking at the mxqpro quad core 4K regards P

  3. I have been developing Epiphini App Streaming Service, the App is currently in development for release, please try it out at http://www.Epiphini.com

    An App Streaming Service that saves you huge internal storage.


  4. Lucas Arnott says:

    Agreed, some of the apps mentioned here, I installed in my G5+ Quad core 4K ultra HD Android TV box Kodi streamer. For using apps Gostreamer TV Box is the best option for me.

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For questions please use our Brand New FORUM