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  1. Tony Brown says:

    Does the COOLEAD M8S Work abroad in foreign countries… for example Europe ? … Asia?
    Does it require a certain Broadband width?
    Does the box enable you to view all UK TV terrestrial channels?
    Includes Sports and movies?
    What about BBC iPlayer ITV catch up considering the changes that have recently been made by the BBC licensing Corporation preventing overseas viewing of their channels?
    Does it come already loaded or does it involve some apps to be loaded up or downloading from the internet?
    Thanks for your help

    • These Android TV Boxes work in any country with internet access.
    • I recommend a good broadband, but a 2MB signal is enough to stream Medium to HD quality (not full HD 1080p or 4K). If you
    • get 20MB speed where your box is located you will be more than fine 🙂
    • The box enables you to view anything, but you will need to find the right add-ons for your requirements. Fortunately these boxes normally come fully loaded with great add-ons.
    • You have great kodi add-ons to stream movies and sports. For example Exodus for movies and SportsDevil for sports.
    • You can still use BBC iPlayer ITV if you use a VPN. I recommend IPVanish.
    • When you buy a box, it says in the description if it comes fully loaded with kodi add-ons. That means that comes with the most popular kodi add-ons on it.
    • I’m glad to help.

  • LIZA says:

    How to power on using keyboard?

  • Greg M says:

    You can buy this in the U.S.?

  • jon says:

    is the usb dongle include?

  • Sean says:

    Is the Keyboard Battery operated? I don’t see a charging lead

    • admin says:

      There is a mini usb charger that you can connect to any device with a usb port to charge it. You can even use a mobile charger to charge the keyboard (excluding apple devices).

  • Mike says:

    Great specs, decent price. I was looking for the best value Kodi box and I just found it!

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    For questions please use our Brand New FORUM