10 Best Sports Addons for Kodi 2017 | Kodi Addons to Watch Live Sports

best sports addons for kodi

Nowadays live streaming sports are very popular as there are many matches exclusive from premium channels. Well, it’s not fair that watch sports become such a premium hobby. Well, Kodi developers continue to develop new Kodi Addons to watch live sports and there is now lots of choice! There are addons to watch Sports TV Channels or Streamings by event. I recommend you to go through our list, try it and keep your favourites. Here is the list of the 10 Best Sports Addons for Kodi, on these addons you will be able to watch many kind of sports including football, NFL, NHL, UFC, Boxing, NBA, and many others.

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The 10 Best Sports Addons for Kodi 2017

  1. Live Mix
    Live Mix is back and now with the version 2. This version is packed with great sports channels and international sports events streams.
  2. Zem TV
    Zem TV was made to watch Pakistani and Indian TV but now it has lots of international TV channels and sports.
  3. Filmon.TV
    This add-on exists for a long time and it’s one of the most reliable addons out there to watch live TV. The Filmon.TV streams are Legal and you can find some sports channels there.
  4. Cast a way
    This add-on is based on the famous Sports Devil add-on but easier to use and frequently updated. You will find any kind of sport in this kodi add-on.
  5. Halow Live TV
    This add-on is getting many fans. On twitter you can see many people thanking them for great quality streams on match days! You should really give it a try! They are very good for football, Boxing and UFC, but not just that.
  6. DC Sports
    This is a very recent add-on but they are doing a great job posting 720p HD quality streams!! You can compare this add-on with a few premium addons!
  7. Adrian Sports
    51 sports channels with great quality!
  8. Phoenix
    You should already know phoenix, this add-on is used for pretty much anything and it also has the sports section.
  9. IsraeLive
    The name doesn’t match the content. This is a pretty cool add-on where you can find plenty of streams from all over the world.
  10. Freeview
    The freeview add-on is awesome to watch UK TV. It has all the UK free channels but includes BT Sports too. Note that if you’re outside UK you will need a VPN to mask your IP address to an UK IP address.

How to install these sports kodi addons

To easily install addons, we recommend you to use “Add-on Installer”. You may have it already installed on Kodi under the “Programs” tab. If not, follow these instructions.
Note that some of these addons may not be supported by Add-on Installer.

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  1. Ken Mills says:

    I have just installed the M9S box but as a real geek, cannot find the correct sports app, I have found Turks and one other but are there other names of the sports apps that I should look for.
    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Thanks for explaining the addons list actually i really want a post which describe this beautifully so i can share it with my customers and this is the perfect post for me and the users.I definitely share it.

  3. Ruben says:

    Thanks for this sports addons list! Great job! I’m trying them all, I’ve already found some that will be my favorites for sure!!

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