How to fix Kodi error: Check the log for more information

Are you tired of getting the kodi error “ Check the log for more information ” ? I know this can drive someone mad.

kodi error check the log for more information

There are 2 solutions to fix this.

Solution 1: Clear Cache and Purge Packages

To do this you will need the add-on called “Maintenance Tool”. If you don’t have it already under your Programs tab, you can install it through “Add-on Installer”. Well, if you don’t have “Add-on Installer” you should really install it because it makes your life very easy when you need to install an add-on. Check how to install add-on installer or how to install an app through add-on installer.

Well, now I will assume that you already installed the Maintenance Tool add-on.

  1. Now open the Maintenance Tool addon and choose General Maintenance
  2. Select Clear Cache
  3. Select Purge Packages
  4. Press the “Yes” button when prompted to delete files
  5. Now go back to the home screen and exit from Kodi in the Power icon located on the left bottom corner of your screen.

Open Kodi again and test if the message continue to show up. If you continue to get that annoying error message, continue to read this article.

As a Kodi user I recommend you to use a VPN while you use Kodi to watch movies / TV Series or TV Channels. A VPN will unlock geo-blocked content, unblock sources and keep you anonymous online. I highly recommend the IPVanish VPN because its easy to use and it won’t slow down your internet connection.
Start accessing all kodi add-ons with a VPN!

Solution 2: You need a VPN

If you tried to clear cache and purge packages and you still get the error, that should mean that you are trying to access geo-blocked content or your ISP (internet service provider) is blocking that sources because of copyright reasons.

A VPN is your best solution: A VPN is a legal software that makes you anonymous while using the internet. That’s an awesome security tool to have in your laptop because virus and spyware needs your IP to infect you and the VPN hides your IP and masks to a totally different IP address. You can also search privately, there are no logs of your activity.

Why is this legal? Because you have the right to privacy.

How does this solve the Kodi errors?

Well, if you install the VPN software in your device (supports laptops, android tv boxes, smartphones, etc), you can easily choose the country to where you want to mask your IP. So if you are from EU and want to watch US content, you just choose to mask your IP to USA – Very easy.
But sometimes is not just about geolocation, sometimes your ISP (internet service provider) blocks some content because of the copyright. So when you connect to the VPN, to any country (you can connect even to your country), you will be anonymous, so your ISP won’t be able to track what you accessing, so the content won’t be locked anymore. Total freedom!

Which VPN should I subscribe? Which is the best for Kodi?

Well, I tested many VPNs and IPVanish is the special one! Its also the most recommended by Kodi users. The price is very good and is faster than the competitors. 

best vpn for kodi ipvanish

BTW, I don’t recommend free VPN’s as you get very slow connections and you won’t be able to stream properly.

Click here to know how to setup a VPN for your Kodi Box

Thank you all

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For questions please use our Brand New FORUM