Broadband speed required for Kodi

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    Hi I have sky broadband – speed 17mbs will an android box work ok via wifi – router is in hall tv in living room.

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    Hi SW. It depends how much speed you get where your TV is located. You can use this website to test the internet speed: . You can do the test in your mobile, positioning close to your TV.

    The minimum speed required to stream is 2MB. Share with us the result of your test.

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    I no it take 2 mb to stream a move so if you let in run all day u will be out data two three days and than paying for more mb so its not free

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    I would like to get a Kodi box but what broadband speed is reguired ,currently my download speed is 10.90mbps and the upload is 0.96 Mbps I am currently with zen internet

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