Kodi message: swipe down to exit full screen

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    How do I lighten the tv screen when using my android box. Fully lightened the brightness on my tv has not made any difference. Also cannot get rid of the voice over describing everything when watching, ITV etc. Lastly there is a blue banner top of screen says :swipe down to exit full screen and an ok button. This is on everything I try to watch.

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    The lighting problem is because of the top message that says “swipe down to exit full screen”.

    How to solve this:
    In your remote you will find a button with a cursor icon. That button enables the cursor, so you just need to press that button and then hold the arrow buttons to move the cursor and then CLICK IN THE OK BUTTON bellow the message.
    You just need to do this once.

    If you have a wireless mini keyboard for your box, you just need to use the touchpad to move the cursor and click in the OK button.


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