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    Hello, I just set up my new android box with Kodi (my screens look exactly like your tutorial), but when I click on Kodi, all I see is the blue background. There is no text anywhere within Kodi. I am familiar with Kodi because my sister has it, so I know what is supposed to look like. There are outlines of the boxes where text is supposed to be, but just all blank boxes. If I hover over a “blank box” I can click on it and it will open what it is supposed to open, but it is a guess as to what the box is. I found Search….and when the keyboard opened, the outline of the keys were all there but there were no letters in the boxes. This is a brand new RBSCH MX PRO Android 5.1 TV BOX right out of the box. Please help. I don’t understand how this could happen. Thank you

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