m9 Pro 3/32gb ddr4

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    Hi Guys first post, just sharing my latest experiences and maybe get some help from some1.

    I recently bought an Xgody M9 Pro 3/32gb DDR4 android box from ebay. it’s not my first tv box my 2nd android first 1 was an old 1 running kitkat. I’m a bit disappointed, yes it’s fast but it came with Kodi 17 which still bumped out like 16.1 so I uninstalled it and went to 16.1 same thing too which my old box did running kitkat. now running android 6.0 I thought surely that drama would be behind me. After the box returns from standby it also pops up the camera failed to start message – absolutely annoying since there is no camera on a tv box… So with all these little issues I’m less than pleased so went to do a factory reset as the next step and it just sits there won’t let me click the button hahah I was pretty much over it by this point. seller was contacted and we are in discussions regarding a part refund or return. I’ve asked them to supply an image or firmware so I can try reboot it from entirely fresh. see how that goes, if nothing comes from this I’m hoping to find another version I could use to boot up maybe and hopefully not brick it haha

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