Shocking Kodi News – community was Found dead

More details about the investigation and survivors after the TVAddons shut down

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Yesterday, 13 June 2017, community was found “dead”.

One day after this event and still no evidences from No suicide note on social networks, website, forum, email or press.
Some famous celebrities apparently died together with such as: Exodus, Phoenix, Sports Devil, Indigo, cCloud TV, 1Channel and S.A.L.T.S. These guys were loved by many people and they will be forever in our hearts.


Our investigation is ongoing and we hope to soon have more news, for now this is what is known:

  • Dish Network (US TV Service Provider), accused TVAddons and Zem TV of enabling copyright infringement of its on-demand and livestream services.
  • Dish Network is asking $150,000 in damages.
  • Since the 13th of June 2017, the access to the website results in a DNS error message, which indicates that it was taken down from its creators.
  • TorrentFreak tried to contact TVAddons to clarify the situation but the email wasn’t delivered, meaning that their email service should be also offline.
  • TVAddons facebook page was removed.

Any Kodi Addon survivor?

Some addons independent from library were reported alive. These are the TOP 3:

  • BOB (via Titanium Build)
  • Specto Fork
  • ZEN – Use NOOBSANDNERDS repo. This repo wil be taking care of ZEN. There are rumors that ZEN will be reincarnated as “ELYSIUM”.

Note: Most of the working addons are available in the titanium build. In this post you will find more info about this build and how to install it.

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R.I.P.! May we meet again. 


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